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  Review: Music by Bliss/Fairlight
Music Posted by Nathan Paul Simons on Saturday October 26, @03:09PM
from the alternative music for alternative minds dept.
I like good music. I especially like good music that no one else seems to have ever heard of (much less heard) before. That's one of the main reasons I keep rooting around places like the scene. One of the recent gems I uncovered is some music by a guy known as "Bliss".

On first listen, you wouldn't think that Bliss's music is my type of stuff. I'm usually into very high energy and intense genres, such as rave and hig-speed techno. Bliss's music caught my ear though. It's evocative and manages to convey feelings not generally found in most pop music these days. All that with very few lyrics (other than sampled ones).

The one piece that stands out the most would have to be the full version of "Rain Slows the Time". A medium paced tune, it starts out with a nice exposition setting up a relaxed, laid-back style. Then the vocals start, a woman with a smooth voice and an almost hip-hop style.

The next piece, "In Front of a Daydreamer", is as interesting and possibly even more evocative than "Rain". It starts out slowish again, but uses an interesting "scratchy" sample to set up the beat. While this certainly isn't uncommon in electronica, it's unconventional and rarely done so well. The strings in this piece add a beautiful touch, as well. About midway through the song, a vocal sample cuts in in saying "Why not, if you can see it, if you have it in front of you, then why not?". Indeed, the tone of this song asks why some things just cannot be. Not long after the first vocal sample comes one very chipper sounding man saying "A dream come true, eh?", but the background melodies tell another story: yes it's a dream, but that's all it can be, something which cannot be grasped.

Bliss is a member of Fairlight; you can find the rest of his music at their website.

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