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Nathan's Humble Homepage

Quote of the moment:

Most people exhibit what political scientists call "the conservatism of
the peasantry." Don't lose what you've got. Don't change. Don't take
a chance, because you might end up starving to death. Play it safe.
Buy just as much as you need. Don't waste time.

When we think about risk, human beings and corporations realize in
their heads that risks are necessary to grow, to survive. But when it
comes down to keeping good people when the crunch comes, or investing
money in something untried, only the brave reach deep into their pockets
and play the game as it must be played.
    -- David Lammers, "Yakitori", Electronic Engineering Times, January
    18, 1988

Not much here right now. If you want to see the really cutting edge stuff, check out my website, Hard Core Hackers. See my résumé for my contact information.

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