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Nathan's Humble Homepage

Quote of the moment:

The Bill of Rights stands in tatters. We measure our national debt in
trillions. We're so deeply in bed with various murderous dictators
around the world I can't even say the words "Land of the Free, Home of
the Brave" with a straight face any more. We're torturing prisoners. Our
cops are shooting unarmed, handcuffed, face-down pleading men in the
back. Texas has disappeared Thomas Jefferson from their civics
curriculum. We're so afraid of terrorists we think strip-searching
everyone is a good idea. I routinely, day in and day out, hear my fellow
citizens argue that women with terminal breast cancer should be left to
die in the street, and that only children who can afford it should have
access to health care.
    -- seen on http://slashdot.org, 2010-05-04

Not much here right now. If you want to see the really cutting edge stuff, check out my website, Hard Core Hackers. See my résumé for my contact information.

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