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02 09 2011

Fri, 02 Sep 2011

Bash Completion is F*cking Magic

In case you don't have it installed, I highly recommend the bash-completion package (Debian and derivatives should be able to "apt-get install bash-completion" and source (via ". /etc/bash_completion") the scripts to get this working; pretty sure it comes standard and is sourced by default on fresh installs of squeeze). Among other things, it manages to autocomplete filenames. On other hosts. Over ssh. Without any (very) noticable delay (or maybe the beer is just slowing me down that much; I'll have to check later to see what bash-completion does behind the scenes).

I was going to post something more comprehensive on rapid prototyping and unit testing in C++, but that will have to wait until I get my RCS -> Git sh*t sorted out. In the meantime, have fun with bash. I know, I know, you zshers and kshers are probably silently chuckling at us knucklehad bash users, but hey, at least we're (finally) catching up, right?

More links to goodies to come soon! And maybe comments for the blog. Happy hacking!

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