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04 04 2015

Sat, 04 Apr 2015

Day Hike: Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well

Alex Satonik joined me for this little adventure in climbing 11,000+ft in a day, and Tom Roseman graciously offered to shuttle a vehicle so we could hike down to Mahogany flat when we were done.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day; the weather was clear all day, with minimal snow on trail and the occasional light chilly breeze. We not only had a full moon to start hiking by (at 2 in the morning), but got to see it fully eclipsed before it disappeared behind the ridgeline due to our going up Hanaupah canyon.

There was running water (snowmelt) in Hanaupah canyon which we took advantage of at daybreak, and then easily found our way up to the ridgeline. It was a long uphill hike to the trail in the saddle near Eagle spring, but we made it in good time, then headed to the peak after a short lunch break.

We met Tom coming up the trail to bag the peak as we were coming down, and waited for him at the car, after which we drove home. Alex and I considered bagging Bennet and Rogers on the way back, but decided against due to running out of water.

Photos, and GPS track

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