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13 03 2022

Sun, 13 Mar 2022

I'm back!

So, I'm struggling my way through "Lisp Web Tales" after having cried over Marc-André Leclerc then having chased that with Michelle Wolf, and having nearly finished a bottle of Merlot, when I think "hey, I should setup a blog again." Only I'm too fucking lazy to write one from scratch (and the one in "Lisp Web Tales" is broken; fix later), so I figure, WTF, just setup blosxom again.

Shazam! I have a blog again (god I fucking love Debian). Eventually I might (maybe) write something from scratch, mostly to prove I can and because I'm bored and need the practice, but for now, this will do. Until then, I found something that tickles the little gray cells (note to self: work Poirot's theme): alist or plist?

And yes, I did just "steal" someone else's much awesomer (and soberer (probably)) blog post from nearly ten years ago (fuck off, Lisp is timeless). Expect a lot of that.

Oh, and I'm also hiking the PCT. Stay tuned.

Also, the server is on UTC, and I had to correct some URL's in previous blog posts, so the order is fuxxored; if I get bored I may go back and fix them since I still have the original files with timestamps and touch(1) is rather versatile.

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